PSAA: The Private Schools Athletic Association

2016 PSAA Varsity Softball Final Standings

East Division

Team Games Wins Losses Pct.
Z - Solomon Schechter of Long Island 9 9 0 1.000
X - Portledge 9 6 3 .667
X - Our Savior New American 10 6 4 .600
Knox School 10 4 6 .400
Lawrence Woodmere 10 3 7 .300
Waldorf School of Garden City 10 1 9 .100

West Division

Team Games Wins Losses Pct.
Y - Staten Island Academy 6 6 0 1.000
X - Grace Church 6 3 3 .500
X - Martin Luther 6 3 3 .500
St. Demetrios 6 0 6 .000

Z - PSAA Playoff Champion
Y - Clinched Division Title
X - Clinched Playoff Berth
Format: Round robin within division (East: 10 games, West: 6 games)
Top 3 in each division qualify for playoffs
Tiebreaking Procedures
Solomon Schechter of Long Island automatically qualifies for the NYSAIS tournament

PSAA Girls Softball Varsity Championship

Monday, May 16, 2016; at Portledge; 4:00PM
Solomon Schechter of Long Island (11-0) 6
 Staten Island Academy (7-1) 0


Girls Varsity Softball

1st Round Semifinals PSAA Final PSAA Champion
Wed. May 11 Thu. May 12 Mon. May 16

W1  S.I.A. 14-13

at SIA; 4:00PM Staten Isl. Acad.
E2 Portledge 12-2  
at Portledge School E2 Portledge School
W3 Martin Luther
at Portledge School Solomon Schechter of Long Island
E1 S.S.L.I. 18-6

at SSLI; 4:15PM S.S.L.I. 6-0
W2 Grace Church  
Randall's Island #36 E3 Our Savior N.A.
E3 Our Savior N.A. 12-7

2016 PSAA Girls Varsity Softball Schedule

Date Home Opponent Result Location Time
Wed. 3/30/16 Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Our Savior New American 18-0 SSLI Upper School Campus; Williston Park 4:30PM
Thu. 3/31/16 Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Knox School Postponed to April 18 4:15PM
Fri. 4/1/16 Waldorf School Our Savior New American Postponed; Date TBA 4:30PM
Mon. 4/4/16 Our Savior New American Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Postponed 4:30PM
Mon. 4/4/16 Lawrence Woodmere Waldorf School Postponed to April 5 4:15PM
Tue. 4/5/16 Martin Luther Grace Church 12-6 Martin Luther 4:30PM
Tue. 4/5/16 Lawrence Woodmere Waldorf School 11-8 Lawrence Woodmere 4:15PM
Wed. 4/6/16 St. Demetrios Staten Island Academy 1-17 Big Bush Park Field #1 4:00PM
Wed. 4/6/16 Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Portledge Postponed to May 10 4:00PM
Wed. 4/6/16 Waldorf School Lawrence Woodmere 15-18 Waldorf School 4:30PM
Thu. 4/7/16 Knox School Portledge Postponed to April 26 4:15PM
Fri. 4/8/16 Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Waldorf School 19-5 SSLI Upper School Campus; Williston Park 2:30PM
Fri. 4/8/16 Knox School Our Savior New American Postponed to April 21 4:00PM
Mon. 4/11/16 Martin Luther Staten Island Academy 21-5 5inn. Big Bush Park 4:00PM
Mon. 4/11/16 Lawrence Woodmere Solomon Schechter (L.I.) 7-19 Lawrence Woodmere 4:15PM
Mon. 4/11/16 Our Savior New American Waldorf School 1-13 Our Savior New American 4:30PM
Tue. 4/12/16 Portledge Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Postponed to April 14 4:00PM
Wed. 4/13/16 Grace Church Martin Luther Postponed to April 22 4:00PM
Wed. 4/13/16 Our Savior New American Portledge 15-9 Our Savior New American 4:30PM
Wed. 4/13/16 Waldorf School Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Postponed to May 5 4:15PM
Thu. 4/14/16 Portledge Solomon Schechter (L.I.) 2-3 Portledge 4:00PM
Thu. 4/14/16 Our Savior New American Lawrence Woodmere 13-8 Our Savior New American 4:15PM
Fri. 4/15/16 St. Demetrios Martin Luther 2-21 Con Edison Field 4:30PM
Fri. 4/15/16 Waldorf School Knox School 13-14 Waldorf School 4:30PM
Mon. 4/18/16 Staten Island Academy Grace Church 10-0 Staten Island Academy 4:00PM
Mon. 4/18/16 Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Knox School 5-2 SSLI Upper School Campus; Williston Park 4:15PM
Mon. 4/18/16 Lawrence Woodmere Our Savior New American 16-20 Lawrence Woodmere 4:30PM
Mon. 4/18/16 Portledge Waldorf School 19-14 Portledge 4:30PM
Tue. 4/19/16 Portledge Lawrence Woodmere 19-13 Portledge 4:30PM
Wed. 4/20/16 Lawrence Woodmere Knox School 20-14 Lawrence Woodmere 4:15PM
Wed. 4/20/16 Waldorf School Portledge 9-26 Waldorf School 4:30PM
Thu. 4/21/16 Staten Island Academy Martin Luther 18-3 Staten Island Academy 4:00PM
Fri. 4/22/16 Grace Church Martin Luther 24-12 Randalls Island Field #25 4:00PM
Mon. 4/25/16 Grace Church St. Demetrios 21-3 Grace Church 4:00PM
Tue. 4/26/16 Knox School Portledge Postponed to April 28 4:15PM
Thu. 4/28/16 Knox School Portledge 10-14 Knox School 4:15PM
Thu. 4/28/16 Staten Island Academy St. Demetrios Postponed 4:00PM
Mon. 5/2/16 Martin Luther St. Demetrios 16-1 Martin Luther 4:00PM
Mon. 5/2/16 Grace Church Staten Island Academy 4-17 Randall's Island Field #36 4:15PM
Mon. 5/2/16 Lawrence Woodmere Portledge 11-25 Lawrence Woodmere 4:15PM
Mon. 5/2/16 Our Savior New American Knox School 9-4/17-10 Our Savior New American 4:30PM
Tue. 5/3/16 Portledge Knox School Postponed 4:15PM
Wed. 5/4/16 Our Savior New American Solomon Schechter (L.I.) 7-15 Our Savior New American 4:30PM
Thu. 5/5/16 Knox School Lawrence Woodmere 2-1 Knox School 4:00PM
Thu. 5/5/16 Waldorf School Solomon Schechter (L.I.) 5-23 Waldorf School 4:15PM
Thu. 5/5/16 Portledge Our Savior New American 14-2 Portledge 4:30PM
Fri. 5/6/16 Lawrence Woodmere Solomon Schechter (L.I.) 5-2 Solomon Schechter (L.I.) 4:15PM
Sat. 5/7/16 Waldorf School Our Savior New American OSNA Win Fft. Waldorf School
Mon. 5/9/16 Knox School Solomon Schechter (L.I.) 2-16 Knox School 3:00PM
Tue. 5/10/16 Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Portledge Solomon Schechter (L.I.) 4:00PM
Tue. 5/10/16 Portledge Knox School Knox FFt. Win 4:15PM
Wed. 5/11/16 Knox School Waldorf School Knox Fft. Win Knox School 4:30PM
TBD St. Demetrios Grace Church St. D Forfeit St. Demetrios 4:00PM
TBD Staten Island Academy St. Demetrios St. D Forfeit Staten Island Academy 4:00PM

PSAA Awards

Coach of the Year: Courtney Kenney; Solomon Schechter of Long Island
Regular Season Most Valuable Player: Shannon Motley; Staten Island Academy
2016 Playoff Most Valuable Player: Talia Schor; Solomon Schechter of Long Island

2016 All-PSAA Selections
Solomon Schechter of Long Island: Sara Balsam, Izzy Edelstein, Gabby Goodstein, Talia Schor
Staten Island Academy: Corinn Baggs, Mary Lee Mitchell, Shannon Motley, Crystara Valera
Grace Church: Ava Goodwin, Jane Platt, Emma Slibeck
Portledge School: LeAna Duszak, Carly Kleinwaks, Lauren Kramer
Martin Luther: Kayla Felix, Olivia Younghese
Our Savior New American: Jade Eberhard, Faith Garnier
The Knox School: Cassidy Curtin