PSAA: The Private Schools Athletic Association

PSAA Girls Varsity Basketball

2015-2016 Final Standings

East Division

Team Games Wins Losses Pct. Div W-L
Y - Lawrence Woodmere 13 11 2 .846 8-0
X - Portledge 13 10 3 .769 6-2
X - Solomon Schechter of Long Island 13 7 6 .538 4-4
X - Waldorf School of Garden City 13 5 8 .385 2-6
Our Savior New American 13 0 13 .000 0-8

West Division

Team Games Wins Losses Pct. Div W-L
Z - Grace Church 13 13 0 1.000 8-0
X - Avenues 12 8 4 .667 5-3
X - Evangel Christian 13 5 8 .385 3-5
X - St. Demetrios 13 4 9 .308 2-6
Martin Luther 12 2 10 .167 1-6

Y - Clinched Division Title
X - Clinched Playoff Berth
Z - PSAA Playoff Champion Format: Home/Away in division and one game vs. opposite division (13 games)
Top 4 teams in each division earn playoff berths
Playoff Champion Represents the PSAA at the 2016 NYSAIS Athletic Association Basketball Championships
Tiebreaking Procedures

PSAA Girls Varsity Championship Game

Thursday, February 11, 2016; at Bay Ridge Prep; 5:00PM
Grace Church School (16-0) 53
Portledge School (12-4) 16


Girls Varsity Basketball

Divisional Semifinals Divisional Finals PSAA Championship PSAA Champion
Tue. February 9 Wed. February 10 Thu. February 11
E1 Lawrence Woodmere 38-33
at LWA; 7:15PM Lawrence Woodmere
E4 Waldorf School

East Division Final

at LWA Portledge
E2 Portledge School 41-37
at Portledge; 4:30PM Portledge 39-35
E3 Solomon Schechter (L.I.)
@Bay Ridge Prep Grace Church School
W1 Grace Church 85-25 5PM EST
at Grace Church; 5:45PM Grace Church 74-28
W4 St. Demetrios
West Division Final
@Grace Church Grace Church 53-16
W2 Avenues 42-32
at Avenues; 5:45PM Avenues
W3 Evangel Christian

2015-2016 PSAA Girls Varsity Basketball Schedule

Date Home Opponent Result Location Time
Wed. 11/18/15 Waldorf School St. Demetrios 10-35 Waldorf School 4:15PM
Thu. 11/19/15 Avenues Evangel Christian 45-32 Avenues 4:30PM
Fri. 11/20/15 Waldorf School Portledge 19-37 Waldorf School 4:00PM
Fri. 11/20/15 St. Demetrios Evangel Christian 34-28 St. Demetrios 5:00PM
Mon. 11/30/15 Our Savior New American Waldorf School 20-43 Our Savior New American 5:00PM
Tue. 12/1/15 Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Lawrence Woodmere 31-48 Fundamental Sports Training; Westbury, N.Y. 4:00PM
Tue. 12/1/15 St. Demetrios Grace Church 16-66 St. Demetrios 4:00PM
Tue. 12/1/15 Our Savior New American Avenues 37-63 Our Savior New American 4:45PM
Wed. 12/2/15 Waldorf School Lawrence Woodmere 26-50 Waldorf School 4:00PM
Wed. 12/2/15 Portledge St. Demetrios Rescheduled to 1/15/16
Thu. 12/3/15 Avenues Solomon Schechter (L.I.) 35-30 Avenues 4:00PM
Thu. 12/3/15 Evangel Christian Our Savior New American 49-31 Evangel Christian 4:30PM
Mon. 12/7/15 Evangel Christian Waldorf School 34-36 Evangel Christian 4:00PM
Tue. 12/8/15 Our Savior New American Lawrence Woodmere 28-47 Our Savior New American 4:00PM
Tue. 12/8/15 Grace Church Martin Luther 57-12 Grace Church 4:00PM
Wed. 12/9/15 Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Waldorf School 38-9 Fundamental Sports Training; Westbury, N.Y. 4:00PM
Thu. 12/10/15 Solomon Schechter (L.I.) St. Demetrios 35-31 Fundamental Sports Training; Westbury, N.Y. 4:00PM
Thu. 12/10/15 Our Savior New American Martin Luther 19-44 Our Savior New American 4:30PM
Mon. 12/14/15 Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Grace Church 18-71 Fundamental Sports Training; Westbury, N.Y. 4:00PM
Mon. 12/14/15 St. Demetrios Our Savior New American 44-32 St. Demetrios 4:30PM
Mon. 12/14/15 Martin Luther Waldorf School 35-38 Martin Luther 4:30PM
Wed. 12/16/15 Lawrence Woodmere Portledge 34-33 Lawrence Woodmere 4:00PM
Wed. 12/16/15 Waldorf School Solomon Schechter (L.I.) 25-39 Waldorf School 4:00PM
Wed. 12/16/15 Avenues St. Demetrios 40-15 Avenues 4:30PM
Thu. 12/17/15 Evangel Christian Lawrence Woodmere 31-42 Evangel Christian 4:00PM
Mon. 12/21/15 St. Demetrios Martin Luther 33-35 St. Demetrios 4:00PM
Tue. 1/5/16 Grace Church Evangel Christian 60-26 GCS 86 4th Ave Gym 5:30PM
Tue. 1/5/16 Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Martin Luther 40-8 Fundamental Sports Training; Westbury, N.Y. 4:00PM
Tue. 1/5/16 Lawrence Woodmere Waldorf School 44-28 Lawrence Woodmere 4:15PM
Wed. 1/6/16 Grace Church St. Demetrios Grace Church W FFT.
Thu. 1/7/16 Evangel Christian Avenues 33-45 Evangel Christian 3:30PM
Thu. 1/7/16 Our Savior New American Portledge 18-50 Our Savior New American TBD
Mon. 1/11/16 Lawrence Woodmere St. Demetrios 50-32 Lawrence Woodmere 4:15PM
Mon. 1/11/16 Evangel Christian Portledge 15-39 Evangel Christian 4:15PM
Tue. 1/12/16 Avenues Martin Luther PPD. Avenues 4:00PM
Wed. 1/13/16 Portledge Lawrence Woodmere 30-35 Portledge 4:00PM
Thu. 1/14/16 Grace Church Lawrence Woodmere 67-30 GCS 86 4th Ave Gym 4:15PM
Thu. 1/14/16 Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Our Savior New American 28-25 Fundamental Sports Training; Westbury, N.Y. 4:00PM
Thu. 1/14/16 Waldorf School Avenues 31-22 Waldorf School 4:00PM
Thu. 1/14/16 Martin Luther Portledge 10-55 Martin Luther 4:15PM
Fri. 1/15/16 Martin Luther Evangel Christian 21-50 Martin Luther 3:00PM
Fri. 1/15/16 Portledge St. Demetrios 46-27 Portledge 4:00PM
Sat. 1/16/16 Evangel Christian Martin Luther 65-19 Evangel Christian 12:30PM
Tue. 1/19/16 Martin Luther Avenues 14-45 Martin Luther 4:00PM
Tue. 1/19/16 Grace Church Portledge 55-20 GCS 86 4th Ave Gym 5:30PM
Wed. 1/20/16 Portledge Solomon Schechter (L.I.) 42-35 Portledge 4:15PM
Thu. 1/21/16 Our Savior New American Solomon Schechter (L.I.) 18-38 Our Savior New American 4:00PM
Thu. 1/21/16 Grace Church Avenues 73-17 Avenues 4:00PM
Fri. 1/22/16 Evangel Christian St. Demetrios 54-49 (OT) Evangel Christian 3:45PM
Fri. 1/22/16 Waldorf School Our Savior New American 57-50 Waldorf School 4:30PM
Tue. 1/26/16 Portledge Our Savior New American 45-7 Portledge TBD
Wed. 1/27/16 Martin Luther Lawrence Woodmere PPD. Martin Luther 4:00PM
Wed. 1/27/16 Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Portledge 13-32 Fundamental Sports Training; Westbury, N.Y. 4:15PM
Wed. 1/27/16 Our Savior New American Grace Church 17-60 Our Savior New American 4:30PM
Thu. 1/28/16 Lawrence Woodmere Our Savior New American 35-11 Lawrence Woodmere 5:00PM
Fri. 1/29/16 Martin Luther St. Demetrios St.D W Fft. Martin Luther 4:00PM
Fri. 1/29/16 Portledge Waldorf School 41-34 Portledge 4:15PM
Fri. 1/29/16 Avenues Grace Church 9-67 Avenues 4:30PM
Mon. 2/1/16 Lawrence Woodmere Solomon Schechter (L.I.) 53-33 Lawrence Woodmere 4:00PM
Mon. 2/1/16 Evangel Christian Grace Church 5-67 Evangel Christian 4:15PM
Mon. 2/1/16 Avenues Portledge 21-40 Avenues 5:45PM
Tue. 2/2/16 St. Demetrios Avenues 31-40 St. Demetrios 4:00PM
Tue. 2/2/16 Grace Church Waldorf School 49-10 Grace Church 4:30PM
Wed. 2/3/16 Martin Luther Lawrence Woodmere ML Fft. Lawrence Woodmere 4:00PM
Thu. 2/4/16 Solomon Schechter (L.I.) Evangel Christian 40-36 Fundamental Sports Training; Westbury, N.Y. 4:00PM
Thu. 2/4/16 Martin Luther Grace Church ML Fft. Martin Luther 4:00PM
Thu. 2/4/16 Lawrence Woodmere Avenues 38-43 Lawrence Woodmere 4:30PM

2015-16 PSAA Varsity Girls Champions: Grace Church School

PSAA Girls Varsity Awards

Coach of the Year: Karim Shabazz; Lawrence Woodmere Academy
Regular Season Most Valuable Player: Ayanna Dublin; Grace Church School
2016 Playoff Most Valuable Player: Ayanna Dublin; Grace Church School

2016 All-PSAA Selections:
Sophie Potter; Avenues: The World School
Angelika Rodriguez; Grace Church School
Katherine Mulry; Portledge School
Jaine Alimo; Lawrence Woodmere Academy
Izzy Edelstein; Solomon Schechter

2016 All-Division Selections:
Avenues: The World School: Chloe Lombardi, Nikaila Saunders
Grace Church School: Mickey Abnernathy, Jade Hui
Evangel Christian School: Kira Greene, Hosanna Martin
St. Demetrios: Popi Konstantopoulos, Nicole Rosa
Martin Luther High School: Bianca Rodriguez, Katelin Szymanski
Lawrence Woodmere Academy: Ariel Duque, Arianne Philemy
Portledge School: Eve Fine, Haya Sheeline
Solomon Schechter: Sara Balsam, Rachel Levy
Waldorf School of Garden City: Maria Golebiewski, Emma Keane
Our Savior New American School: Briana Beekman, Michelle Peloso

NYSAIS Athletic Association State Tournament

Girls Varsity Basketball - B Division 1st Round

Wednesday, February 24: #1 Poly Prep def. #8 Grace Church; 49-36

Girls Varsity Basketball - Opening Round

Tuesday, February 23: #8 Grace Church def. #9 Convent of the Sacred Heart; 48-32