PSAA: The Private Schools Athletic Association

PSAA Boys Varsity Basketball

2018-2019 Schedule

Full Schedule

Date Home Opponent Result Location League Time
Avenues Aviator Classic (AT)
Thursday, November 15 & Saturday, November 17
(Avenues School)
Thu. 11/15/18 Avenues School Calhoun 52-36 Avenues School AT 4:15PM
Fri. 11/16/18 St. Demetrios
Evangel Christian
26-110 St. Demetrios PSAA 3:30PM
Fri. 11/16/18 Waldorf School
70-87 Waldorf School PSAA 6:00PM
Sat. 11/17/18 Avenues School Mary McDowell 48-41 Avenues School AT TBD
Tue. 11/20/18 Portledge
St. Demetrios
126-68 Portledge PSAA 6:00PM
Mon. 11/26/18 Martin Luther Lawrence Woodmere 64-76 Martin Luther 4:00PM
Mon. 11/26/18 Portledge Maspeth H.S. 68-47 Portledge 5:00PM
Tue. 11/27/18 Bay Ridge Prep Brooklyn Friends 41-101 SGCC 4:15PM
Tue. 11/27/18 United Nations I.S. Avenues School UNIS Fft. Win United Nations I.S. 4:15PM
Wed. 11/28/18 St. Demetrios
Waldorf School
27-62 Kew-Forest PSAA 4:30PM
Wed. 11/28/18 Kew-Forest
54-95 St. Demetrios PSAA 4:30PM
Thu. 11/29/18 Martin Luther Monsignor McClancy 63-61 Martin Luther 6:30PM
Fri. 11/30/18 Stony Brook
53-77 Stony Brook PSAA 7:00PM
Sat. 12/1/18 Avenues School
Stony Brook
56-45 Avenues School PSAA 6:00PM
Martin Luther Tournament (MLT)
Saturday, December 1 - Sunday, December 2
Sat. 12/1/18 Martin Luther Metro BDA 72-73 Martin Luther MLT 3:00PM
Sun. 12/2/18 Martin Luther Grover Cleveland 76-69 Martin Luther MLT 3:00PM
Mon. 12/3/18 Bay Ridge Prep
Waldorf School
71-63 SGCC PSAA 4:30PM
Mon. 12/3/18 Knox School
73-72 Knox School PSAA 5:30PM
Mon. 12/3/18 Evangel Christian
114-46 Evangel Christian PSAA 5:30PM
Tue. 12/4/18 Grace Church Avenues School 50-44 Grace Church 4:15PM
Tue. 12/4/18 Bay Ridge Prep
St. Demetrios
87-30 SGCC PSAA 4:30PM
Wed. 12/5/18 Evangel Christian
Bay Ridge Prep
110-46 Evangel Christian PSAA 5:30PM
Thu. 12/6/18 St. Demetrios Avenues School PPD. St. Demetrios PSAA 4:15PM
Thu. 12/6/18 Ross School Stony Brook 42-77 Ross School 4:30PM
Fri. 12/7/18 Portledge
Stony Brook
59-41 Portledge School PSAA 5:00PM
Fri. 12/7/18 Martin Luther
Waldorf School
97-32 Martin Luther PSAA 5:30PM
Sat. 12/8/18 Manhasset Portledge 72-64 Manhasset 2:30PM
Mon. 12/10/18 Stony Brook
St. Demetrios
84-19 Stony Brook PSAA 4:30PM
Mon. 12/10/18 Waldorf School
Knox School
25-81 Waldorf School PSAA 4:30PM
Mon. 12/10/18 Bay Ridge Prep
Evangel Christian
64-121 SGCC PSAA 5:30PM
Mon. 12/10/18 Portledge Staten Island Academy 79-61 Portledge 6:00PM
Tue. 12/11/18 Kew-Forest
Stony Brook
52-60 Kew-Forest PSAA 4:30PM
Tue. 12/11/18 Columbia Prep Martin Luther 93-87 Martin Luther 5:30PM
Wed. 12/12/18 St. Demetrios
Bay Ridge Prep
53-87 St. Demetrios PSAA 4:00PM
Wed. 12/12/18 Avenues School
Waldorf School
46-29 Avenues School PSAA 5:30PM
Wed. 12/12/18 Evangel Christian
Knox School
91-75 Evangel Christian PSAA 5:30PM
Thu. 12/13/18 St. Demetrios
Martin Luther
60-136 St. Demetrios PSAA 4:00PM
Thu. 12/13/18 Pierson School Stony Brook 26-46 Pierson School 5:00PM
Thu. 12/13/18 Kew-Forest
Avenues School
67-58 Kew-Forest PSAA 5:30PM
Fri. 12/14/18 Waldorf School
Evangel Christian
27-107 Waldorf School PSAA 5:30PM
Fri. 12/14/18 Dwight School Knox School 62-65 5:45PM
Sat. 12/15/18 Portledge Salesian H.S. 57-61 Portledge 12:00PM
Sat. 12/15/18 Stony Brook Smithtown Christian 52-23 Stony Brook 6:00PM
Sun. 12/16/18 Eagle Academy Knox School St. Raymond's 12:30PM
Mon. 12/17/18 Riverdale Portledge Riverdale 4:30PM
Mon. 12/17/18 Martin Luther Evangel Christian Martin Luther PSAA 5:30PM
Mon. 12/17/18 Knox School Kew-Forest Knox School PSAA 4:30PM
Tue. 12/18/18 Avenues School Bay Ridge Prep Avenues School PSAA 5:30PM
Tue. 12/19/18 Léman Manhattan Prep Bay Ridge Prep Léman Manhattan Prep 4:00PM
Thu. 12/20/18 Portledge Monsignor McClancy Portledge 4:00PM
Thu. 12/20/18 Staten Island Academy Martin Luther Staten Island Academy 5:45PM
Thu. 12/20/18 Bay Ridge Prep Kew-Forest SGCC PSAA 4:30PM
Chaminade Tournament (CT)
Thursday, December 27 & Friday, December 28 (Portledge)
Thu. 12/27/18 Portledge TBD Chaminade CT 5:30PM
Fri. 12/28/18 Portledge TBD Chaminade CT TBD
Wed. 1/3/19 Evangel Christian Lawrence Woodmere Evangel Christian 4:15PM
Albany Academy Tournament (AAT)
Friday, January 4 & Saturday, January 5 (Knox School)
Fri. 1/4/19 TBD Knox School Albany Academy AAT TBD
Sat. 1/5/19 TBD Knox School Albany Academy AAT TBD
Mon. 1/7/19 St. Demetrios Kew-Forest St. Demetrios PSAA 4:00PM
Tue. 1/8/19 Bay Ridge Prep Churchill School SGCC 4:15PM
Tue. 1/8/19 St. Raymond's Knox School St. Raymond's 5:00PM
Wed. 1/9/19 Knox School Stony Brook Knox School PSAA 5:30PM
Wed. 1/9/19 Martin Luther Avenues School Martin Luther PSAA 5:45PM
Thu. 1/10/19 Bay Ridge Prep L.R.E.I. SGCC 4:00PM
Thu. 1/10/19 Martin Luther Portledge School Martin Luther PSAA 4:30PM
Fri. 1/11/19 Knox School St. Demetrios Knox School PSAA 4:30PM
Fri. 1/11/19 Waldorf School Stony Brook Waldorf School PSAA 6:00PM
Sat. 1/12/19 Evangel Christian Martin Luther Evangel Christian PSAA 10:30AM
Sat. 1/12/19 Waldorf School TBD Waldorf School TBD
Sun. 1/13/19 Regis H.S. Portledge Adelphi Univ. 2:00PM
Mon. 1/14/19 Knox School Léman Manhattan Prep Knox School 2:00PM
Mon. 1/14/19 Bay Ridge Prep Lawrence Woodmere SGCC 4:00PM
Mon. 1/14/19 Evangel Christian Avenues School Evangel Christian PSAA 5:30PM
Mon. 1/14/19 Waldorf School Kew-Forest Waldorf School PSAA 5:30PM
Mon. 1/14/19 Martin Luther Stony Brook Martin Luther PSAA 6:00PM
Tue. 1/15/19 Evangel Christian Portledge Evangel Christian PSAA 5:30PM
Wed. 1/16/19 Martin Luther Bay Ridge Prep Martin Luther PSAA 5:30PM
Thu. 1/17/19 Lawrence Woodmere Evangel Christian Lawrence Woodmere 4:15PM
Thu. 1/17/19 Portledge School Kew-Forest Portledge School PSAA 5:30PM
Fri. 1/18/19 Stony Brook Waldorf School Stony Brook PSAA 6:00PM
Thu. 1/17/19 Avenues School St. Demetrios Avenues School PSAA 5:45PM
Sat. 1/19/19 Curtis H.S. Knox School Holy Cross TBD
Mon. 1/21/19 Kew-Forest St. Demetrios Kew-Forest PSAA-NL 4:00PM
Mon. 1/21/19 Stony Brook Knox School Stony Brook PSAA 4:30PM
Wed. 1/23/19 Waldorf School Schechter School Waldorf School 4:30PM
Wed. 1/23/19 Portledge Avenues School Portledge PSAA 5:30PM
Wed. 1/23/19 Knox School Chaminade Knox School 6:45PM
Thu. 1/24/19 Evangel Christian St. Demetrios Evangel Christian PSAA 3:30PM
Fri. 1/25/19 Avenues School Martin Luther Avenues School PSAA 4:15PM
Fri. 1/25/19 Portledge Waldorf School Portledge School PSAA 6:00PM
Sat. 1/26/19 TBD Knox School Monsignor Scanlan 5:30PM
Mon. 1/28/19 Portledge Knox School Portledge PSAA 5:30PM
Mon. 1/28/19 Stony Brook Kew-Forest Stony Brook 5:30PM
Mon. 1/29/19 Martin Luther St. Demetrios Martin Luther PSAA 4:00PM
Wed. 1/30/19 Stony Brook Evangel Christian Stony Brook PSAA 4:30PM
Wed. 1/30/19 Bay Ridge Prep Avenues School Bay Ridge Prep PSAA 5:30PM
Wed. 1/30/19 Kew-Forest Knox School Kew-Forest PSAA 5:30PM
Thu. 1/31/19 Bay Ridge Prep Stony Brook SGCC PSAA 4:30PM
Fri. 2/1/19 Knox School Martin Luther Knox School PSAA 5:30PM
Sat. 2/2/19 Knox School Avenues School Knox School PSAA 1:30PM
Mon. 2/4/19 Martin Luther Kew-Forest Martin Luther PSAA 5:30PM
Mon. 2/4/19 Knox School Bay Ridge Prep Knox School PSAA 5:00PM
Wed. 2/6/19 Avenues School Evangel Christian Avenues School PSAA 4:00PM
Wed. 2/6/19 Bay Ridge Prep Portledge SGCC PSAA 4:30PM
Wed. 2/6/19 Knox School Waldorf School Knox School PSAA 4:30PM
Thu. 2/7/19 Kew-Forest Waldorf School Kew-Forest PSAA 4:30PM
Thu. 2/7/19 Avenues School Brooklyn Friends Avenues School 5:30PM
Thu. 2/7/19 Bay Ridge Prep Martin Luther SGCC PSAA 5:30PM
Kimberton Tournament (KT)
Friday, February 8 - Saturday, February 9
(Waldorf School)
Fri. 2/8/19 Waldorf School TBD Kimberton KT TBD
Sat. 2/9/19 Waldorf School TBD Kimberton KT TBD
Sat. 2/9/19 Waldorf School TBD Kimberton KT TBD


Oct. 31: Start of Winter Season

Feb. 9: Last Day of Regular Season

Feb. 11: PSAA Championships Opening Round

Feb. 12: PSAA Championship Semifinals

Feb. 14: PSAA Championship