PSAA: The Private Schools Athletic Association

PSAA Boys Varsity Lacrosse

2018 Schedule

Date Home Opponent Result Location League Time
Tue. 3/27/18 Island Trees H.S. Long Island Lutheran 11-10 (OT) Island Trees H.S.
Tue. 4/3/18 St. Mary's Portledge School 7-3 St. Mary's 4:00PM
Wed. 4/4/18 Columbia Prep
Masters School
4-14 Masters School PSAA 3:00PM
Wed. 4/4/18 Fieldston Portledge School 10-2 Fieldston 4:30PM
Thu. 4/5/18 Columbia Prep
Masters School
4-12 Randall's Island #70 PSAA 4:15PM
Sat. 4/7/18 Portledge School
Masters School
6-14 Portledge PSAA 11:00AM
Mon. 4/9/18 Long Island Lutheran St. Mary's Manhasset 12-9 Long Island Lutheran 4:00PM
Mon. 4/9/18 Hicksville H.S. Portledge School 17-2 Hicksville H.S. 4:15PM
Mon. 4/9/18 Harvey School Masters School 13-7 Harvey School 4:30PM
Wed. 4/11/18 Columbia Prep
Long Island Lutheran
0-13 Randall's Island #10 PSAA 4:15PM
Wed. 4/11/18 Portledge School Jericho H.S. 6-10 Portledge School 4:30PM
Thu. 4/12/18 Long Island Lutheran
Masters School
13-4 Long Island Lutheran PSAA 5:00PM
Fri. 4/13/18 Portledge School Hempstead H.S. 16-6 Portledge School 4:30PM
Sat. 4/14/18 Long Island Lutheran Sewanhaka H.S. 15-7 Long Island Lutheran 11:00AM
Mon. 4/16/18 Riverdale Columbia Prep 20-0 Riverdale 4:00PM
Mon. 4/16/18 Long Island Lutheran Poly Prep 9-14 Long Island Lutheran 4:30PM
Mon. 4/16/18 Horace Mann Masters School 15-4 Horace Mann 4:30PM
Wed. 4/18/18 Portledge School
Long Island Lutheran
14-16 Portledge PSAA 4:15PM
Thu. 4/19/18 Portledge School
Columbia Prep
Por W-Fft. Portledge PSAA 4:15PM
Fri. 4/20/18 Columbia Prep Hunter H.S. 5-14 Randall's Island #85 4:00PM
Fri. 4/20/18 Long Island Lutheran Rye C.D.S. 5-11 Long Island Lutheran 4:30PM
Mon. 4/23/18 Masters School
Columbia Prep
20-2 Masters School PSAA 4:30PM
Mon. 4/23/18 Long Island Lutheran
Portledge School
11-8 Long Island Lutheran PSAA 4:30PM
Wed. 4/25/18 Columbia Prep Portledge School Randall's Island #83 PSAA 4:15PM
Wed. 4/25/18 Long Island Lutheran Fieldston Long Island Lutheran 4:30PM
Thu. 4/26/18 Storm King Masters School Storm King 4:30PM
Sat. 4/28/18 Riverdale Masters School Riverdale 10:00AM
Sat. 4/28/18 Long Island Lutheran Monsignor Farrell H.S. Long Island Lutheran 1:00PM
Mon. 4/30/18 Columbia Prep Dalton School Randall's Island #30 4:00PM
Mon. 4/30/18 St. Dominic H.S. Long Island Lutheran St. Dominic H.S. 4:15PM
Mon. 4/30/18 Harvey School Masters School Harvey School 4:30PM
Tue. 5/1/18 Portledge School Friends Academy Portledge 4:30PM
Wed. 5/2/18 Long Island Lutheran Columbia Prep Long Island Lutheran PSAA 4:15PM
Wed. 5/2/18 Masters School Portledge School Masters School PSAA 5:00PM
Wed. 5/4/18 Portledge School Long Island Lutheran Portledge PSAA 4:30PM
Tue. 5/7/18 Oyster Bay H.S. Portledge School Oyster Bay H.S. 4:00PM
Mon. 5/7/18 Dalton School Masters School TBD 4:30PM
Sat. 5/7/18 Riverdale Long Island Lutheran Riverdale 5:30PM
Tue. 5/8/18 Portledge School Great Neck South Portledge 4:30PM
Mon. 5/9/18 Poly Prep Columbia Prep Poly Prep 4:15PM
Wed. 5/9/18 Masters School Long Island Lutheran Masters School PSAA 5:00PM


Feb. 15: Start of Spring Season

May. 10: Last Day of Regular Season

May. 11: PSAA Semifinals

May. 14: PSAA Championship