PSAA: The Private Schools Athletic Association

NYSAIS December 2016
Executive Secretary Update

December 19, 2016

Dear Athletic Directors,

I hope that this email finds you preparing for a relaxing winter break. I wanted to update you on a few items as we head into the winter and spring seasons.

NYSAIS Sports Questionnaire
Please use this LINK "what sports do you have at your school survey."The complete results will be shared on the NYSAIS website, once all schools reply.

Pitch Count for Baseball
---Starting this spring, NYSAIS will adopt the Pitch Smart protocol. These guidelines are in line with the NYSPHSAA and PSAL adoption of the USA Baseball Pitch Smart Guidelines.
---Please see the document Pitch Count Information, which should help explain the process of tracking pitch counts and the required number of days off, based on the number of pitches thrown, for both varsity, junior varsity and middle school.
---Please note that coaches must use the paper tracking system (Pitch Count Tracking Form) and the form must be signed by both coaches at the end of the game.
---We recommend that during a pitching change that the coaches convene to agree on the number of pitches for the pitcher being removed from the game.
---The NFHS does offer a free certification course on Pitch Count. HERE

Girls Lacrosse Helmets
---NYSAIS will follow the NYSPHAA guidelines for girls lacrosse helmets for the 2017 season.
---NYSPHSAA will NOT be mandating that girls wear the ASTM approved headgear for the 2017 season. NYSPHSAA has approved that if a player wishes to wear one of the two ASTM Cascade/Hummingbird girl's lacrosse helmets (headgear), it will be permissible, but not mandated. This will be optional for the 2017.

Changes to Wind Chill and Heat Index
---It is now permissible for schools to use Wet Bulb indicator to determine Temperature Humidity Index (THI) on a specific field.
---Using the Wet Bulb indicator on the field that is being used for practice or the game is the Gold Standard. This allows schools to more effectively determine the actual Heat Index or Wind Chill at the site.

Softball Helmets
All softball Helmets must meet ASTM Certification Standards for the 2017 season.

Participation in "Unsanctioned" Events – Schools on the Federation List
---There has been much discussion about how to handle the various national tournaments that are not sanctioned by NFHS. The following guidelines, should make participation much clearer.

Unattached - Schools are permitted to allow individuals and teams to attend competitions in an unattached capacity. Specifically, no school uniforms can be worn, no school equipment can be used and no institutional financial support is allowed.
----National Preps Wrestling Tournament
----National Cross Country Championships
----National Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field Championship
----NYS Ultimate Championship
----Eastern Swim Championship

For only the events listed below, NYSAIS will allow unattached "team" competition with the following restrictions:
----Only the events listed below are allowable under this regulation.
----Schools can approve their students to compete in these competitions, knowing that there is a chance that there is a PG player and/or a student that does not meet (and exceeds) the NYS 19-year old requirement. The recommendation is that Head's of School approve participation, prior to the competition. ----Schools can wear team uniforms.

----Institutional funds can be used to pay for these competitions.
----Coaches are allowed to "coach" at these events.
----School transportation can be used.
--------US Squash - High School Squash National Tournament
--------NYS Crew Championships

--For US Squash Nationals, use the drop down menu to select the NYC option. This does not mean that you will be playing only NYC schools. The tournament will be seeded in the same way it has been in past years.

Wishing you the best during the Holiday Season and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

John Pizzi
Executive Secretary